Excerpts From Chapter Nine Page 94: Both Americans, before their experience, assumed  universal pterosaur extinction, but the biology  student apparently held it dogmatically. That soldier  was probably so firmly entrenched in the extinction  dogma, so rigidly trained to obey its command, that  he rebelled against his personal experience with a  giant Rhamphorhynchoid [long-tailed] pterosaur. It  was Hodgkinson who accepted the truth of what  both of them experienced.  Page 95: Why do some eyewitnesses disbelieve what they  see? First consider what they admit about their  experiences. In a jungle clearing, a soldier declares  that he did not see a pterodactyl; in a desert, it  “had to be a kite or something;” near a front porch,  “it had to be something else.” Each admits  observing something, but each maintains that he  should not have seen that something. The problem  is in a dogmatic belief: that among many species of  pterosaurs that have once lived, not one species  survived extinction.  Copyright 2010 Jonathan Whitcomb Look Inside the Book by Whitcomb Belief in Live Pterosaurs