Home Page: Cryptozoology Book According to the second edition of  the nonfiction  cryptozoology book,  “The flight destination may  have  been this meadow near Campus  Drive.” . . .  the  dark giant flying creature as “30 feet  long, with  15-16 feet of that being a  tail.” The giant  size, long  tail, and obvious lack of  any feathers made it very  like the  ropen of Papua New Guinea. This  isn’t the  only sighting report of a giant flying creature in  California.   Copyright 2010, 2011 Jonathan Whitcomb Map of the Site Live Pterosaurs in America Marfa Lights of Texas Pterosaurs in the United States Giving five stars to the first edition,  one reader said, “He has focused on  the accounts of witnesses who saw  something, and that adds credibility.  The writing is easy to read and he  adds comments and analysis to  make it all more useful. Mostly, the  author lets the sightings speak for  themselves, which is good.”   Do not miss the expanded third  edition of the cryptozoology book  “Live Pterosaurs in America.” See for  yourself why the first edition never  was rated at less than four stars;  almost all ratings were five stars.  (The back cover of the second ed. is  shown above, in a Proof copy.) Look at Chapter Two Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea About the Author, Whitcomb From 2003 through 2010, Whitcomb  has written two editions of two non-   fiction books, one scientific paper in  a peer-reviewed journal of science  and hundreds of web pages and blog  posts on the subject of many  sighting reports of featherless flying  creatures described like pterosaurs.   The . . . cryptozoologist Jonathan  Whitcomb interviewed Gideon Koro  on Umboi, Papua New  Guinea, in  2004. The native described  how the  giant flying creature, with no  feathers, flew over Lake Pung in  clear  daylight. The tail was seven  meters long . . . . . . enjoying the solitude and  peace  and quiet of the desert when it passed  over. I . . . looked up. It was soaring  along the side of a  plateau not far  from us. We knew what it looked  like.  In fact, I remember saying ‘. . . that  looks just  like a Taradactyl!’   . . . we saw three hours of  bioluminescent ‘shooting  stars.’ The last hour was  the  most interesting in that there  were two light  blasts about  200 ft. apart, about 50-100  ft., above  the river. The  blasts were followed by  screeches  from about a  dozen . . . nighthawks  Peek Inside Cryptozoology Book Belief in Live Pterosaurs Excerpts from Chapter Nine:  “It was Hodgkinson who  accepted the truth of what  both of them experienced.” Email Contact