Excerpts From Chapter Two Page 13: When I returned from Papua New Guinea, in 2004, I knew almost nothing  about reports of apparent pterosaurs, or “dragons,” in California. I was  convinced of the reality of long-tailed ropens of the southwest Pacific, but  assumed they lived there because of the vast tropical wildernesses, providing  them warmth, food, and seclusion. . . . Page 14: In the summer of 1891, southeast of Fresno, several eyewitnesses reported  two featherless flying creatures with wingspans of fifteen feet. Reportedly  reputable residents around Reedley described the two “dragons” for the  newspaper: broad heads, long bills, and large eyes. “On the night of July 11 .  . . their peculiar cries and the rustling of their mammoth wings were heard as  late as 10 o’clock.” Page 16: We were sitting in the late afternoon shade of a ridge, on lawn chairs,  enjoying the solitude and peace and quiet of the desert when it passed over. I  caught the sight of it with the corner of my eye and looked up. It was soaring  along the side of a plateau not far from us. We knew what it looked like. In  fact, I remember saying ‘. . . that looks just like a Taradactyl!’ Page 20: “The sound was so terrifying that the hair stood up all over my body as I  went to the window in my bedroom which faced Northeast towards the  canyons and mountains. I opened the curtains and tried to see into the dark  night. I opened the window hoping to get a better gauge on where the sound  was coming from . . . Copyright 2010, 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb Look Inside Cryptozoology Book Live Pterosaurs in America Live Pterosaurs in America - Buy the book on Amazon.com Cryptozoology book on “Live-Pterosaur”