Active Involvement Author of the Cryptozoology Book Jonathan David Whitcomb of Southern California Writing a book about live pterosaurs in the United  States of America was not what Jonathan Whitcomb  was thinking as he trudged up the jungle trail that  lead to Gomlongon Village, late in 2004. He was  there to videotape the ropen, a flying cryptid that  some eyewitnesses described like a pterosaur.   He had interviewed eyewitnesses of apparent  nocturnal pterosaurs before his expedition in Papua  New Guinea; but the seventeen credible natives he  interviewed in person, in that little-explored country,  convinced him even more: Some pterosaurs still live  in the southwest Pacific.   Whitcomb returned home to begin writing his first  nonfiction book: “Searching for Ropens.” During the  twelve months he spent writing that book, he also  wrote many web pages; the response was shocking:  Many eyewitnesses sent him emails, describing their  encounters with similar creatures in the United States  of America. The new author wrote another  cryptozoology book, “Live Pterosaurs in America,”  using those eyewitness accounts and his analysis.   Following detailed advice from Paul Nation  (a cryptozoologist from Texas who had  explored on Umboi Island, Papua New  Guinea), Whitcomb spent the first few  months of 2004 preparing to explore this  remote tropical island between Australia  and the Philippines.  Although he failed to see the nocturnal  flying creature himself, he interviewed  many natives who had seen the ropen. In  returning to the United States, Whitcomb  stopped in Cairns, Australia, and sent a  number of emails to Garth Guessman and  David Woetzel, who were about to go on  their own cryptozoological expedition.   From 2003 through 2010, Whitcomb  has written two editions of two non-  fiction books, one scientific paper in  a peer-reviewed journal of science,  and hundreds of web pages and  blog posts on the subject of many  sighting reports of featherless flying  creatures described like pterosaurs.  A number of cryptozoologists have  interviewed native eyewitnesses of  the ropen of Papua New Guinea. As  a forensic videographer, Whitcomb  was the first with any professional  background in the interviewing of  witnesses (Umboi Island, Papua New  Guinea, Sep-Oct, 2004).  Origin of this Cryptozoology Book Copyright 2010, 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb Near Gomlongon Village, Umboi Island, PNG