The Long-Tailed Ropen of Papua New Guinea As the day came to a close, the British biologist  Evelyn Cheesman glanced out to the horizon. What  was that strange light that flew just below the top  of a nearby mountain ridge? In the early twentieth  century, Western scientists were mostly ignorant of  those mysterious lights deep in the jungles of New  Guinea; Cheesman had never heard of them, but  she soon became determined to learn more.  From her base camp in Mondo, deep in the interior  of the mainland of what is now Papua New Guinea,  she watched the light; it lasted about four to five  seconds. Another similar slow flash came up a little  distance away, followed by others, all of them being  in a horizontal line, about three miles from Mondo.  She took detailed notes of their behavior, coming to  a firm conclusion that they were not “from any  human agency.” The local natives refused to answer  her questions about those flashing lights, so she  was left without any explanation. She probably had  no idea they were bioluminescent pterosaurs.   The Ameriocan cryptozoologist Jonathan  Whitcomb interviewed Gideon Koro on the  remote island of Umboi, Papua New  Guinea, in 2004. The native described  how the giant flying creature, with no  feathers, flew over Lake Pung in clear  daylight. The tail was seven meters long;  the mouth, “like a crocodile.” Two other  natives verified this ropen encounter.   Guessman and Hodgkinson  Biologist Observes Flying Lights Copyright 2010, 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb Pterosaurs in Papua New Guinea Trying to understand the ropen  expeditions in remote areas of  Papua New Guinea, without  reference to Duane Hodgkinson--  that is like trying to understand  the American Revolutionary War  without reference to Gen. George  Washington. This flight instructor  of Livingston, Montana, was a  soldier in World War II, stationed  on the mainland of New Guinea.  His sighting of a giant long-tailed  “pterodactyl,” in the presence of  his army buddy, launched the  living-pterosaur expeditions that  began in the 1990’s.   Eyewitness Gideon Koro