Mystery Lights in Marfa Lights of Texas Read about them in “Live Pterosaurs in America,” third edition Nonfiction Live Pterosaurs in America Early in December, 2010, a press release shot across the internet, shocking many readers who knew of  the Marfa Lights, but never imagined this new idea,  this new interpretation of those mystery lights.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that  a controversay has been flying around concerning  the meaning of Marfa Lights. Are all strange lights in  the vicinity of Marfa, Texas, car headlights from that  one highway southwest of the viewing platform? Mr.  James Bunnell is a rocket scientist, having worked  on all the Apollo space missions that put men on the  moon; he has searched and researched, for years,  on this subject, for he’s lived in that part of Texas.  His book “Hunting Marfa Lights” makes it clear that  many flying lights south of the viewing platform are  very different, bearing no resemblence to even the  most distorted car-headlight night-mirage.   But the book “Live Pterosaurs in America” (both  second and third edition) makes it clear why those  lights fly around with apparent intelligence.   “I found this book very interesting. The subject may  be a bit strange to some but folks who scoff at what  people ‘SEE’ should wait for the research . . . It is  too bad the author has to spend so much writing  time defending his research.” (first edition of book,  on Amazon; from Dale S. Reeder, Pennsylvania) From the late-2010 press release “Unmasking a  Flying Predator in Texas,” we read: “In southwest Texas, local residents have speculated about dancing devils or ghosts. Scientists have  preferred something along the lines of ball lightning  or earthlights, but all their scientific explanations  have tripped over the resemblances to line dancing.  If atmospheric energies or tectonic stresses cause  the displays, why do two lights horizontally separate  for a long distance before [returning] coming back  together?”   Read the detailed answer in the third edition of the  cryptozoology book: Live Pterosaurs in America.  Dont’ miss the third edition of the cryptozoology book “Live Pterosaurs in America.” See for yourself why the first edition never was rated at less than four stars; almost all ratings were five stars (maximum). Learn why these amazing sightings are not usually reported to major news media; read the book. Third Edition of the Book Copyright 2010, 2011 Jonathan David Whitcomb Marfa Lights are often seen on private property. Please respect property rights. Flying Fox Fruit Bat